Here's some of our most asked questions. If you don't find the answer you are looking for here, click the contact link above and ask away.

What kind of wedding coverage do you offer? 
Our basic coverage includes two award-winning photojournalists (not 1 photographer and an assistant as others might offer). In our experience, a typical wedding from prep to departure usually requires about 7 hours of coverage, but you can add additional hours as you see fit.

Why Two Photographers?
Working as a team assures things run as smoothly as possible, capturing the important moments for the Bride and Groom before, during and after the ceremony from a variety of angles in an unobtrusive way. If two important moments occur at the same time in different places, no problem, we've got it covered. A perfect example is pre-wedding. Usually Jules documents the Bride and her ladies getting ready while I hang with the Groom and his guys or document wedding preparations. If you choose to have formal portraits, one photographer can ensure that everything is in order and the light is just right while the other is behind the camera making photographs, not wrestling with a light stand while the bridal party waits.

What is "Photojournalism/Documentary style?"
We make high class images in a low maintenence manner. We quietly capture REAL moments as they happen. You should be enjoying your wedding day, not having to re-enact moments your photographer missed. The only time we direct is if you choose formal portraits. With training and experience from working as newspaper/magazine photojournalists, you can rest assured that we stay calm and cool under pressure and can deal with quickly changing circumstances so you don't have to.

Do you like to travel?
Heck yes! We love destination weddings & honeymoons (who doesn't?) take us with you! Seriously though, we've photographed weddings in 10 states and all kinds of situations. Where would you like to go?

When do I get my photos?
Within 2-4 weeks your edited and color-corrected images will be available for online viewing and shortly thereafter you'll receive those same images on DVD delivered to your home.

Do I have to buy prints from you?
No way. We do offer printing from our trusted services, but we won't hold your photos hostage, that would be mean. You get your edited, color-corrected high-resolution photos on a DVD to print how you like.  We do recommend using professional photo services. We make sure the images look great when you get them, but we can't guarantee what they'll look like if your local pharmacy photo lab gets ahold of them (scary!).

If I do want prints from you, how does that work?
Online galleries are not just great for viewing, they make ordering prints easy (Especially if you don't feel like making a print for your long lost uncle and mailing it to Alaska). You and your family and friends can simply visit your online password protected gallery, click the image they like and order with a credit card or paypal from our trusted printers and have it shipped to their doorstep.

What else do you offer?
We've kept our packages simple. We make great images from your wedding, we edit, color-correct, then put the high-resolution images on a DVD and upload them to your online gallery. But if you are looking for a little more, we do offer many items a la carte. Custom made albums, slideshows, canvas prints, we can even pre-load your images on an iPad and have your favorite photo(s) printed on the iPad cover. If that's a little much, how about an iPhone cover? What I'm trying to say is, we offer lots of cool stuff, just ask if you're looking for something special. We're also available for engagement portraits before the wedding and Trash the Dress sessions after.

So how much does all this goodness cost?
With all of the options we offer the investment varies. Please contact us so that we can help you figure out what your photography needs are and provide you with a proper quote.

Again, congratulations! We look forward to speaking with you and hearing all about your big day.

-James & Jules